I.T.G.W. Philosophy

The Institute for Teaching God’s Word Theological Seminary

operates on the belief that biblical training can be achieved outside the traditional classroom. The entire program is designed so that the students will have the freedom to study within the pastoral context and setting. The local church becomes a “learning laboratory” in which skills can be demonstrated and tested under the guidance of experienced pastors and church leaders. Students will have an opportunity to develop projects and field test them. They will also be required to develop projects that are assigned to them by church leadership. Frequent contact with the students will be maintained in order to ensure successful completion of the program.

Mission Statement

The Institute for Teaching God’s Word Theological Seminary

offers a quality level of biblical study courses and Christian leadership and faith-based counseling and at the same time. ITGW Seminary is committed to providing information and equipping of the whole person. To train people who are finding Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and are seeking a more intense level of biblical knowledge that can not be offered in a congregation.

Our mission is to create a learning environment, which encourages students:
  • To be conscious of God's presence
  • Practice the disciplines that promote spiritual health
  • Grow and character qualities which denote personal maturity
  • Manage spiritual gifts and other personal resources well for the sake of Kingdom Business
  • Develop spiritual skills that pertain to their individual vocation and ministry calling
  • Empower men and women by the Holy Spirit to be used by God and meeting the challenges of the present age
  • What are the advantages of choosing ITGW?

    First, one would find it an advantage to enroll with ITGW because of the spiritual devotion among the students. Secondly, there is the financial consideration, the cost of tuition is quite reasonable in comparison to that of many other institutions. Thirdly, ITGW pays very special attention to each student. The Faculty-student relationship extends beyond the classroom. Each student must serve in a local church. Those who participate in our programs will be receiving actual on the job experience while completing studies at ITGW.

    ITGW Seminary is endeavoring to offer the very best in Bible and Bible related studies for the students preparing for Christian service, regardless of whether it is a pastoring, missions, evangelism, counseling or working in the Christian day school. These studies are provided through the use of regular Christian texts, study guides, personal research, classroom lectures or field training. The function of the ITGW is to provide quality education in these areas of Bible, Pastoral Ministry, Theology and Christian Counseling. Our goal is to train men and women in the Word of God and send them forth to reach a lost and dying world with the good news that Jesus saves.

    Start planning for the next classes September 2023

    Be prepared for the next year's class by planning ahead to attend ITGW.


    All Diploma Programs
    Application/Registration, (non-refundable): $100
    -Total tuition:$1,500.00, Pay in full upon enrolling
    -Pay 1/2: $750.00 when registering, final payment of $750.00 due in January
    -$35.00 graduation fee all students

    *All payments must be current or students will NOT be allowed to continue in classes.

    Click HERE for registration application and payments

    Expert Instructors

    All instructors are hand pick for the increased knowledge of the students promoting engagement and class participation.

    Class of 2024 Graduation Concert - Date and Time TBD

    Class of 2024 Graduation June - Date and Time TBD

    A graduation ceremony is planned at the end of each diploma program. Students are encouraged to keep the momentum by continuing immediately into the next level of the diploma program.

    Congratulations 2023 Graduates

    The Institute for Teaching God's Word Faculty and Staff would like to congratulate all students who completed their Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs. While this was not expected and deserved, you should be immensely proud of your persistence and determination for this great accomplishment.


    September 2023

    Classes Begin

    Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, Faith Based Counseling


    Supervisor/Field Minsitry

    For Bachelor and Master Students Only.


    Covenant Conference/Workshop (8-hour Credit)

    Work of the Church Pastor, Ministering (Deacons, Leaders, Husbands & Wife) Early Registration going on now.

    Class of 2024 Graduation - June

    Join us in the celebration of the class of 2024 at our end of the year concert Friday Night Date and Time TBD

    Graduation Ceremony Saturday Date and Time TBD


    2018 Graduates and Faculty

    Dr.’s Charles Shaw/Preccillia Shaw

    “God blessed us to attend Institute For Teaching God’s Word Theological Seminary School in 2013. We were totally empowered and equipped by the instructors that we continued our education. As a result, by the grace of God we graduated with doctoral degrees and afterwards became instructors. Because of the teachings we received, we are now able to successfully impact the kingdom of God.”

    Dr. Zoe Grant

    “I am profoundly grateful to share my journey, culminating in the blessing of earning my Doctorate of Theology in 2022 from The Institute for Teaching God's Word Theological Seminary. This achievement is a testament to God's grace, guiding me through challenges and revelations. I extend heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Dennise and Dr. Clara Brooks, whose unwavering commitment shaped my path. Fellow students enriched my experience, fostering bonds, discussions, and diverse perspectives. The title of Doctor is a sacred duty to spread God's truth and promote spiritual growth. In 2023, I was deeply honored to receive the Extraordinary Alumni Accomplishment award alongside three others. This recognition reflects the institution's enduring legacy and the spirit of excellence it instills. I share this award with those who supported and inspired me. With humility and faith, I use my Doctorate to further God's teachings and love.”

    Become an instructor

    All Alumni are encourage to apply to be an instructor and are required to recruit on behalf of ITGW.

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